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Dark Bunny Tees - Alternative Movie T Shirts from the UK

Dark Bunny T Shirts UK
Movie T Shirts from the UK you will not find anywhere else!

Alternative movie t shirt designs created by illustrator Alex Chenery. These movie t shirts from the UK are also all limited edition. Alex only prints a maximum of 100 - no more, some less - And that is WORLDWIDE!!

Purchase or pre-order any movie t-shirt and you could win one of 50 super limited edition Robocop movie t shirts.

Check out these movie t shirts - All £25 + FREE UK POSTAGE

Back to the Future movie t shirt
Jurassic park movie t shirt
The Ring movie t shirt
Goodfellas movie t shirt
A Nightmare on Elm Street movie t shirt
Robocop movie t shirt

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Initial movie t shirt customer feedback

Customer feedback on the Back to the Future movie t shirt

"....i just got home from work to find my tee waiting for me. and without sounding too crude....its f@!king awesome"

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Robocop movie t shirt

Robocop movie t shirt now has a distressed look

Exclusive 50 only print run Robocop T Shirt!

Exclusive Robocop T shirt now available for pre-order. There will only be a 50 unit print run, so order now before you miss out!

Robocop movie t shirt

Monday, 12 October 2009

Hosting server down

The company who host Dark Bunny Tees movie t shirt shop has a busted server! So currently offline - Frikkin' wonderful!!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Brother saves the day!

My brother James just put a photo on facebook of a new projector he got - luckily for me in the photo he was projecting onto the wall of his front room was the Dark Bunny Tees website (whilst striking a complete nerk pose in front of it.

Anyway, I noticed that the site was all out of whack - Why? Cos I have a wide screen monitor set to a ridiculously high res and was not taking into account those that use the pretty standard 1024 x 768 res!

Cheers bro!

Here's the photo!

Navigation tweaked

Have been working on Dark Bunny Tees navigation today - think I've smoothed things out a little. Would prefer drop-down menu to be better, but it does the job!

Here is the review

Hop Over To The Dark Side - Dark Bunny Tees

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 03:37 PM PDT

I’m having one of those Donnie Darko moments, if you don’t know what I’m talking about then watch it! If there’s one movie Dark Bunny tees should be reinventing it should be that one, it’d be a great piece of brand alignment. Anyway I love the attitude exuding from this one man brand designed, managed and marketed by freelance illustrator Alex Chenery. Dark Bunny offers a parallel insight into the movie world, and though movie spoof tees are a rapidly growing market, I’ve even reviewed a few in my time at Buy Tees, I’m still convinced that:-

1. There’s plenty more room in the market.

2. Alex definitely has the graphic talent to conquer it if he focuses on building both the collection and brand recognition on the net.

Although his graphic expertise exudes from every pore I do feel the site navigation leaves a lot to desire, but that being a mere technicality I only have praise for Dark Bunny. Artistically these are the best movie tees I have seen in a long old while, I love the distressed effect which really gives the prints a vintage-feel, although I’d pull back from treating every design the same way. The fact is there are those who will love it and those that will hate it, so it’s a gamble, but I admire Alex’s gutsy decision nevertheless.

Asides the beautifully sharp and crisp illustrations there are some nice puns and for once a new label offers a “back story” on each tee, I’ve reviewed sites that don’t even offer a brief description of their t-shirts, bar the usual size, colour and price, so that’s a definite ace in Dark Bunny’s hand. I can appreciate why Alex has used Flash to present the tees and detailed close-ups, but how about a Flickr page to help promote the art, and whilst we’re at it, a Twitter page and blog wouldn’t go amiss. Building a following in a competitive market like this means you have to put yourself out there, the customers will only come if they know where you are.

Check out these tees, there are only five available right now, but I’m sure there will be plenty more to come, hop over to the dark side of movie merchandise with the Dark Bunny!

Jurassic Park Tee

DB’s Jurassic Park tee is awesome, J.A Hammonds has branched out and opened his own pet store, you can now buy a 12″ high T-Rex for just £199 plus a free box of mice. Beautifully macabre, horrifyingly amusing, great concept, great illustration, in fact it’s so good here are a few more close ups.

Get this tee for £25 (UK) and £30.95 (International) including shipping in sizes S to XL. Currently only available for pre-order, they should be available by November-December 2009.

Back To The Future Tee

Loving the composition here, great spoof of BTTF, probably one of the most popular time travel movies ever made, and there slap bang in the middle of this tee is the flux capacitor. I’m a time travel nut, if there was such thing I’d be off in a jot, although as Red Dwarf has pointed out most clearly, you need to travel both time and space to actually achieve anything close to an adventure. Still I managed to catch the original Time Machine movie yet again today, the rather camp version starring Rod Taylor (one of my least favourite actors in history), the machine is the star of that film. I’ve even seen full scale models of it for sale in the USA, unfortunately they don’t work. Still, you’d think the boffins would’ve invented a hover board by now, at the very least. Get DB’s Back to the Future tee for in denim blue for £25 (UK) and £30.95 (International) including shipping in sizes S to XL.

The Ring Tee

Asian horror is fierce and not just Japanese, but Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, if you haven’t seen the original of The Ring, go and watch it, yes subtitles are a bore but damn Hollywood screws up everything of this genre, I don’t need celebrities and cgi, just freaky story lines, spooky filming and great acting, and this movie has that. This t-shirt is appropriately created to the same high standards, featuring perhaps the most iconic scene in the film where a dead girl crawls through the TV, I can hear the bones clicking already. A very nice pun too, if there’s one place you shouldn’t rent a video it’s at Sadako’s. Does anyone still rent videos anyway? Who knows, I’m sure someone’s managed to transfer it to DVD by now. Here’s a great idea for a decent sequel if any movie biz types are reading this, how about “Dead Tube”?. You know, the same plot as Ringu (The Ring) but broadcast on the net, I suppose it would have to be filmed on a grand scale, but it’d work. Ten thousand people doing a ‘Thriller’ walk across Tokyo, should do nicely. Anyway, back to reality, get The Ring tee for £25 (UK) and £30.95 (International) including shipping in sizes S to XL in Vintage Red.

A Nightmare On Elm St. Tee

To celebrate the remake (fingers crossed it’s any good) of Nightmare on Elm Street in 2010, Dark Bunny is offering up this beauty for pre-order on a limited run for November-December. Love the realty idea, the graphics are superb too, but maybe, just maybe this one could have lived without the crackleture effect. Still that’s just my personal taste. Beautifully drawn, as you’d expect from Dark Bunny, this tee is available in vintage red sizes S to XL. Currently only available for pre-order, the Nightmare on Elm St. tee should be available by November-December 2009 on an initial limited print run.

Check out the final tee featuring Tommy DeVito’s comedy club, a spoof on the Scorcese classic Goodfellas here. Perhaps the makings of one of the finest movie spoof t-shirt labels on the net, see more details of all the tees at

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Really please with the review from the guys! All info is up on the website and have hopefully sorted navigation issues out.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

"Artistically these are the best movie tees I have seen in a long old while. Perhaps the makings of one of the finest movie spoof t-shirt labels on the net" -

Dark Bunny Tees

Buy Tees reviews Dark Bunny Tees

The first online review of Dark Bunny Tees - Read it here

Dark Bunny Tees on UK:Resistance

Many thanks to Gary at UK Resistance for the nod to Dark Bunny Tees!

Check the site out if you're into all things gaming and odd - UK:Resistance

Dark Bunny Tees
Dark Bunny Tees Facebook page now up - Check it out here

Dark Bunny Tees

Dark Bunny Tees Facebook and Twitter pages now up

Facebook -

Dark Bunny Tees

Friday, 9 October 2009

Nightmare on Elm Street movie t-shirt

"This.....Is God!"

The remake (new ideas please hollywood!) is out in April 2010, so in honour of the original movie, which made Freddy Krueger the reall stuff of nightmares, here's my take on a Nightmare on Elm Street. Pitching Krueger as a real estate agent on Elm Street, he'll turn your dreams into reality. You've got the iconic red and green stripes, the infamous 1428 Elm street house, a skipping girl, a fedora and if you look closely you can spot a cool Freddy face in the bark of the tee. Oh and you've even got the 'Freddy Dance' as part of the logo!

Buy this movie t-shirt here

Dark Bunny Tees

Ringu movie t-shirt

"It's not of this world. It's Sadako's fury. And she's put a curse on us"

The Japanese really know how to make a horror film and Ringu has given us one of the creepiest movie monsters ever. So what's the worst business venture Sadako could set up? How about a video rental and delivery service? Using perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in horror movie history, this movie t shirt depicts Sadako delivering her ghoulish video right into your living room. Make sure you bring it back within 7 days and copying is strictly a no-no!

Buy this movie t shirt here

Jurassic Park movie t-shirt

"But, John. If the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists"

John Hammond's plan to make a dinosaur theme park went a little bit wrong, but what if he decided to re-scale his little genetic wonders and sell them as pets? It's still a step up from his flea circus days! That is what inspired this prehistoric movie t shirt. Children looking on with glee as they feed their new pet t-rex some tasty mice. Not quite as cuddley as a puppy or kitten though!

this movie t-shirt here

Goodfellas movie t-shirt

"You're a pistol, you're really funny. You're really funny......"

So you think Tommy's funny? Funny how? Funny like a clown? He's here to amuse you? Well imagine if Tommy ran his own comedy club where it is open mic every night. If you don't make him laugh you could literally die on stage. This movie t shirt is obviously inspired by that classic scene in the Bamboo lounge (the address of which is on this design) and the imagery is influenced by the 'Spider' shooting scene.

Buy this movie t-shirt here

Dark Bunny Tees - Movie t-shirt blog is up!

Welcome to the Dark Bunny Tees movie t shirt blog! Literally been 'live' for a few days and really hope you like the website and my designs. Plenty more to come in time - Softly, Softly, catchy monkey.