Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dark Bunny Tees hits the Earls Court this weekend!

Dark Bunny Tees is heading down to London, Earls Court this weekend to sell sartorial goodness at the Entertainment Media Show.

Really hope to see lots of you down there - It should be a great weekend and I am really looking forward to it.

I'll be tweeting and Facebooking throughout, so if you are not attending I will try to keep you up to date with whats going on down there!

Tickets are still available, so head over to

2 New Nostalgia League designs!

Jayce and the M.A.S.K boys hit the league!

Two more classics hit the league, with the much requested Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors inspired design and, not so much an official entry into the league, but a design I could not resist - The Boulder Hill Gas Station!

Lightning League: Strikes!
Inspired by Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors

Available to pre-order NOW!

Boulder Hill: Gas Station
Inspired by M.A.S.K

Available to pre-order from October 1st!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

3 new additions to the Nostalgia League range!

I am loving creating designs for the Nostalgia League so here are 3 more for you to check out, including Transformers, Battle of the Planets and Dungeons & Dragons.

All of these are currently pre-orders, but will be ready to despatch in plenty of time for Christmas (there, I said the 'C' word!)

Metroplex Primes - £18.00
Inspired by Transformers

Phoenix G-Force Science Ninjas - £18.00
Inspired by Battle of the Planets

Dungeon Realm Rangers - £18.00
Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Clearance Sale! Get yourself a limited edition bargain!

In order to make way for an onslaught of new designs, a few designs are now available at a reduced price of £12! Numbers are limited and once these designs are gone, they are gone for good!

Want to know which ones? - Simply click HERE to find out!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A NEW Nostalgia League range is launched

So, which side were you on? - M.A.S.K or V.E.N.O.M? Autobots or Decepticons? Jayce or the Monster Minds?.....Well, with the NEW Dark Bunny Tees range, you can start to pick your favoured 'teams'...

Dark Bunny Tees is proud to announce the launch of a NEW range - The Nostalgia League.

This is a departure from the world of movies, with this range focusing on all of those fantastic TV programs, cartoons and popular culture icons of yesteryear. The idea is to represent all of those childhood memories as a variety of ultra cool looking team emblems, usually coming in rival pairs (although this is not strictly standard) and allowing you to pick and choose your favourites...

Your first choice - Thunderians or Plun-Darr Mutants? The first two designs in this new range have of course been inspired by the awesome ThunderCats....

Thunderian Lightning
Available from £18 - HERE

Plun-Darr Mutants
Available from £18 - HERE

This is going to be a fantastic range to create and build upon and I hope you all like the idea behind it and the first two ThunderCat designs. I know the pressure is on to create designs that do those classics of our childhoods justice.....