Friday, 27 August 2010

The Street Savvy Interview

If you fancy finding out a bit more about me and how all this t-shirt malarkey started then why not check out the little Q & A I did for The Street Savvy.

Check it out HERE

Cheers to Steve Adams for giving me inviting me in for a chat

Ghostbusters & Clockwork Orange tees NOW IN!

Previewed a while back, but finally the prints are in and it's ready to go! - Men's & Ladies fit available in all designs.

Ghostbusters: Ivo Shandor
- 2 Versions!

The standard print
£18 (plus p&p / gift-box option)


The Limited Edition Glow-In-The-Dark 'Spirit' Edition
£19 (plus p&p - Comes with Exclusive Tobin Spirit Guide Packaging)

Clockwork Orange: Droog's Milk Bar

Getty Wetty itty here-ee-wier
£18 (plus p&p / gift-box option)

A New Dark is here!

Dark Bunny Tees has had a bit of a make-over!

The site needed darkening up, so here is the new look, apocalyptic Dark Bunny Tees Drive In.

It signifies a more mature bunny (if you can call cramming an alien invasion, zombie outbreak, meteor storm and creepy crows into the home page 'mature') The last couple of months have been a huge wake-up call for me. If you read my blog or follow my antics elsewhere, you will be aware that I have recently experienced some delays at print. This was a very frustrating period in the life of Dark Bunny and there are still a few outstanding orders, so I apologise if you are still waiting for your shirts) However I have learned from this and am now doing my best to smooth out operations and ensure that these delays never happen again. This is what kind of spawned the tagline;

"...When it all hits the fan, you may as well look your best..."

As you may know, I work alone and from my front room, so printing will still be out of my control, but I hope to maintain stock levels as best I can and keep a rolling stock order at print.

So here it is - The New Dark

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Buy 2 t-shirts and get a ladies tee FREE!

I want to encourage more of you lovely ladies out there to get some film geek-chique!

So if you are a lady looking for a gift for your fella and fancy buying him a couple of the coolest movie tees on the market, you can bag yourself a FREE one for yourself!

Or you could simply get 3 new t-shirts just for yourself.

If you are a fella looking to treat yourself to some new film buff attire and fancy earning some brownie points, why not take advantage of a FREE ladies cut tee?

All you need to do is buy ANY 2 t-shirts and at the checkout ("Additional Information to Merchant" box) type whatever Ladies T-Shirt you want and what size you want it in! Simples!

That's 3 Awesome movie t-shirts for just £38.00 with FREE UK Postage

This offer is only available until the end of August, so what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

NEW! Human Centipede design!

Already gaining notoriety on the internet, the Human Centipede is the twisted tail of a demented German surgeon with a horrific creation in mind!

So why not do a t-shirt design?

Even Akihiro Kitamura, one of the stars of the movie has given it some love via Twitter

Nice! I love your T-shirts. Especially English subtitle. It is very cool. Dieter will love it!!"

(follow him

This t-shirt is currently available for PRE-ORDER HERE

£19 with FREE UK Delivery!