Thursday, 29 August 2013

Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright sport The World's End tees!

It was fantastic to see Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg sporting a couple of the Dark Bunny Tees 'The World's End' inspired faux band shirts.

Edgar wore his for a 'Doug Loves Movies' podcast, which you can hear here;

Eleven minutes in, they even talk a little bit about the shirts themselves!

Simon tweeted out an image of him sporting a de-sleeved (I'll let him off) 'Gary King and the Enablers' tee during a bit of a workout.

It's always a little surreal to see this happen!

You can pick up your own band tee from the website:

Official Eighth Doctor Tees - NOW AVAILABLE

You'd think with there just being 'The Movie' the Paul McGann incarnation of the Doctor would be an easy one. Quite the opposite in fact.....So fingers crossed you like what I've come up with!

First up I thought creating something to do with 'ITAR' and the Atomic Clock would be kind of cool. It's quite a key plot-point of the movie, so I have produced this faux 'STAFF' t-shirt, which I imagined those behind the scenes of the 'Millennium Party' might have worn. This design has the 'ITAR' logo breast patch print on the front, and a 'Millennium Event Staff' design print on the back.

Now we come to 'The Master' - This design is based essentially on the paramedic 'Bruce', with a play on the standard paramedic patch, replacing the usual snake icon, to that of the snake form 'The Master' uses to hijack Bruce's body....bright green eyes included of course.

Both tees are available now for £18 each (plus P&P)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sherlock excitement and new The World's End designs!

Official Sherlock range: Coming Soon!

Dark Bunny Tees is honoured and very excited to announce that BBC Worldwide have asked me to collaborate with themselves and Hartswood Films to produce an exclusive range of Sherlock inspired t-shirt designs. These designs will span the first, second and upcoming third series of this amazing show.

Sherlock has been one my favourite series of recent years and it is a privilege to enter that beautifully crafted world in order to develop this unique range. As with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary range, I want to come at this from a hardcore fan perspective and hope that lovers of the show will like what I come up with. 

My mind palace is primed and ready and I hope to be getting the first design or two out in the next couple of months with more designs to follow during the lead up to Christmas and well into 2014.

The games is on!

BRAND NEW! - 3 Band tour designs inspired by The World's End!

Check out these brand new t-shirt designs inspired by a running gag throughout The World's End. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have already shown a lot of love for these on Twitter, which is amazing! Initial stock is already running dry so get yours while you can!

If you've not seen the movie yet, make sure you do - It's fantastic!