Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Emily Booth looks devilishly good in the Dark Bunny Tees Ringu design

Check out cult horror icon Emily Booth as she attended the Ghouls on Film event this week. Looking amazing in the Dark Bunny Tees Ringu design - Even sporting the packaging!

I've had a few emails and Twitter messages from Emily and she is fantastic. I actually caught DogHouse earlier this month, in which Emily chases Noel Clarke & Danny Dyer around as a bloody thirsty zombie. I really enjoyed it and recommend you check it out.

If you get the chance I insist you also check out her site www.emilybooth.net

You can also follow her on Twitter - @emmybooth

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Clash of the Titans: Digital Speed Painting

To celebrate the launch of the new Clash of the Titans: Fight Night t-shirt, I created some digital art from the upcoming 2010 remake. Check it out!

The limited edition Clash of the Titans tee is now available - Get it HERE

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Scott Pilgrim - Digital Art Work

Ok, so it's not t-shirt related, but hey, it's something worthy of a mention.

I created some Scott Pilgrim digital artwork this morning. As you may have already guessed I am a huge fan of the Pegg, Frost and Wright movie trio and as the release of Edgar Wright's upcoming movie adaptation of the comic book, Scott Pilgrim, draws ever closer, I wanted to create a bit of art for it.

After posting the time-lapse video on Twitter, Edgar Wright himself stuck a nod to it on his personal blog - An absolute honour! To be recognised by one of my movie heroes is very, very exciting.

You can also check out the video over at Edgar Wrights blog HERE

Friday, 5 February 2010

Dark Bunny Tees need YOU!

I have been wanting to create a cool advertising campaign for Dark Bunny Tees for a while now, but was never really sure what I wanted to do.

Then it hit me - I am getting such great feedback from customers and I thought why the hell don't I just get you guys involved! Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising and that is because it comes from those who know and care about a product, namely the people that use it - You!

What I would like to do is run a photo competition, giving Dark Bunny Tee customers a chance to showcase their imagination and love of film.

What are the prizes?

I am looking for 5 main winners and their photos will be incorporated into an online and print advertising campaign.

Ultimate Winner

1) Your movie t-shirt idea designed and printed as a limited edition Dark Bunny Tee, with full credits and custom packaging. You will also get a signed copy of the original artwork.

2) One Dark Bunny T-shirt of your choice a month for a whole year - Worth £300

3) Your winning photo used in a full page advertisement in one of the UKs leading film magazines this summer - With due credits to everyone involved in your photo incorporated into the advertisement (Director of photography, Starring, Make-up etc)

4) Your photo advertisement used in an online advertising campaign.

Four Runners-Up

1) One Dark Bunny T-shirt of your choice a month for a whole year - Worth £300

2) Your photo advertisement used in an online advertising campaign. With due credits to everyone involved in your photo incorporated into the advertisement (Director of photography, Starring, Make-up etc)

What do you need to do?

Rules are simple - Take a photo of you (or a friend, or more than one friend depending on how many t-shirts you own) In a movie-themed setting. This could be anything at all. A recreation of one of your favourite movie scenes. Inside a cinema with a bunch of your mates, whatever you like.

The only stipulations are;

1) Your Dark Bunny T-Shirt(s) is clearly visible in the photo.

2) The photo is nice and clear as the chosen pic will be used in print advertising. I'd also like all entries in a digital format

What are you looking for in a winner?

You gotta love the movies to enjoy these tees, so as an owner of one you are pretty much there. Let that love of film show through. The more elaborate and entertaining the image, the more chance you have.

1) Creativity & sheer movie genius

2) Quality in the image itself (no blurring and a standard digital photo size (minimum)Your image will need to be enlarged to A4

So that's it! I hope you think it's a cool competition with a cool prize

You can enter as many images as you want, the more ideas you have the better. Ideally I am looking for 5 winners showcasing different designs

Entries must be sent to alex@darkbunnytees.com

By entering this competition you agree that all parties & people involved have given their permission for the photo to be used by Dark Bunny Tees, in a public advertising campaign

Closing Date: 1st JULY 2010 (with winners announced by 31th JULY 2010)


What do you mean you don't own a Dark Bunny Tee t-shirt? Check them out here!

If you require any further information please contact me, Alex alex@darkbunnytees.com

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Star Wars: Meet the Skywalkers t-shirt in from print

This is why I really love this business. A couple of months ago this was a doodle I flashed up on Twitter just to see what people thought. I was amazed at the great response and there seemed to be a pretty big demand for the design on a t-shirt.

Shortly after I put the design up on the website as a pre-order and I was overwhelmed by the number of people that literally put their money where their mouth is. For that, I thank you all, very, very much!

Then yesterday, the first batch of pre-orders arrived, printed and ready to go. It looks really cool. Totally off-key to my other designs, but this will be the birth of the 'Me & My Friends' movie range.

Look out for plenty more of this to come over the next few months!

Get your hands on this 100 only print quick! I'm already ordering the second batch of pre-orders so don't miss out! The force is strong with this one

Get Star Wars: Meet the Skywalkers here

George Romero is 70 today! - Happy Birthday Zombie King

Zombie god George Romero celebrates his 70th birthday today, so I just thought I would give him a little mention and let you all know (if you didn't already)

The '...of the Dead' series is just perfection. I love them, old and new. Well, they have brain chomping zombies in them, so that is usually enough for me (in the right directorial hands of course)

Not only are they master-pieces of horror and all-out gore, but they have also been the inspiration for the likes of Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright, who's ode to them in the form of Shaun of the Dead, is also up there as one of the greatest Zombie flicks of modern times. Simon Pegg himself said on Twitter today, that he owes much of his current success to George.

As you can tell, I'm not one with words (I'll leave that to the pro-bloggers) so it just seems like a great day to highlight my tribute to, in my opinion, the greatest in the series - Dawn of the Dead. My Gunner's Den t-shirt

Dawn of the Dead: Gunner's Den

Check out the prints in the flesh

I recently got a chance to take a few photos of some of my t-shirt designs. It is all well and good having the digital artwork, but it is always nice to show off the prints as they are on the t-shirts themselves, so check them out.

The new Star Wars: Meet the Skywalkers t-shirt. Proving hugely popular on the Twitter circuit (@darkbunnytees)

Mad Max: Furious Roads - It's got Interceptors on it. Nuff said!

Ringu (The Ring): Sadako Video Rental. This print still gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Goodfellas: Tommy DeVito's Comedy Club A retro alternative take on the infamous 'Funny' scene

Anchorman: Sex Panther. Will you look cooler in this t-shirt? Well, 60% of the time, it works, every time!

Dawn of the Dead: Gunner's Den. Inspired by an old advert I found, this really gets to the heart of the All-American family (in a Zombie infested world)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Shaun of the Dead: Digital Speed Painting

I created some Shaun of the Dead digital art and put the You Tube link on Twitter. Simon Pegg re-tweeted it resulting in nearly 6,000 views in 2 days! Amazing!

Shaun of the Dead: Exclusive White Tux Packaging

I've put together some exclusive artwork for some very special packaging.

I've promised Simon Pegg a Fried Gold Recruitment t-shirt. I thought that he, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright all deserved something special.

So here is the making of that artwork in a time-lapse video.

You can buy the Fried Gold Recruitment t-shirt here

Avatar: Quaritch Security

Check out the Avatar print in the flesh!

Buy it here!