Thursday, 4 February 2010

Star Wars: Meet the Skywalkers t-shirt in from print

This is why I really love this business. A couple of months ago this was a doodle I flashed up on Twitter just to see what people thought. I was amazed at the great response and there seemed to be a pretty big demand for the design on a t-shirt.

Shortly after I put the design up on the website as a pre-order and I was overwhelmed by the number of people that literally put their money where their mouth is. For that, I thank you all, very, very much!

Then yesterday, the first batch of pre-orders arrived, printed and ready to go. It looks really cool. Totally off-key to my other designs, but this will be the birth of the 'Me & My Friends' movie range.

Look out for plenty more of this to come over the next few months!

Get your hands on this 100 only print quick! I'm already ordering the second batch of pre-orders so don't miss out! The force is strong with this one

Get Star Wars: Meet the Skywalkers here