Thursday, 4 February 2010

George Romero is 70 today! - Happy Birthday Zombie King

Zombie god George Romero celebrates his 70th birthday today, so I just thought I would give him a little mention and let you all know (if you didn't already)

The '...of the Dead' series is just perfection. I love them, old and new. Well, they have brain chomping zombies in them, so that is usually enough for me (in the right directorial hands of course)

Not only are they master-pieces of horror and all-out gore, but they have also been the inspiration for the likes of Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright, who's ode to them in the form of Shaun of the Dead, is also up there as one of the greatest Zombie flicks of modern times. Simon Pegg himself said on Twitter today, that he owes much of his current success to George.

As you can tell, I'm not one with words (I'll leave that to the pro-bloggers) so it just seems like a great day to highlight my tribute to, in my opinion, the greatest in the series - Dawn of the Dead. My Gunner's Den t-shirt

Dawn of the Dead: Gunner's Den