Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Official 9th Doctor T-Shirts - Available to order

First up we have a Rose inspired 'Henriks' design. I just had to do a Rose themed t-shirt and with some solid designs already planned for next month, she makes her sartorial appearance now, celebrating her very ordinary retail job and the place where she and the Doctor first met and her life took a dramatic turn. There's a couple of little Rose-themed easter eggs thrown in for good measure too.

Next up we have the BAD WOLF TV channel as seen in 'The Long Game' episode. Satellite 5 was the setting for two of my favourite stories from the 9th Doctor era and I thought I would celebrate the BAD WOLF CORPORATION's humble beginnings......

Hope you like them!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Last Starfighter tee gets a new colour scheme.....

The very popular Dark Bunny Tees t-shirt design inspired by The Last Starfighter, which was release a year of so ago has been given a colour variant in the form of this very cool, retro feeling white on heather navy.

It is IN STOCK and AVAILABLE right now, but it's going to rocket out of the doors so be quick if you want one!

Get yours HERE