Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dark Bunny Tees @ FOPP

Dark Bunny Tees is pleased to announce that you can now get your hands on an exclusive, limited edition range of t-shirts in 9 FOPP stores across the UK.

I was invited up to see their buyers earlier this year and, wanting to still hold true to the 'Limited Edition' ethos that Dark Bunny Tees has strived to maintain, we decided that an initial range of colour and/or design variants would be a great way to go.

So here is the initial range or exclusives! You'll also find the remaining Taxi Driver inspired 'Bickle Taxi Company' tees alongside them as I really wanted to included an easily recognisable, established design.

These are all on a 'once it's gone it's gone' basis and hopefully the designs will chop, change and grow along the way.

So look out for them!