Monday, 28 December 2009

Simon Pegg gives Dark Bunny Tees some love!

To be honest, when I sent the Dawn of the Dead t-shirt to Simon Pegg's agent, I wasn't sure what to expect. He is a hero of mine and I knew that he had a fondness for the Dawn of the Dead movie (maybe fondness is not a strong enough word)

I heard nothing for a while, but then I got the following email on Boxing Day (26th December);

"Just wanted to thank you for my t-shirt. Got a parcel from my agent
just before Christmas and wondered why someone had sent me a VHS. Of
course on further inspection, I discovered the rather ingenious
packaging concept contained a very cool surprise. Checked out the site
too. Love the Fried Gold Recruitment Farm.

Thanks again Alex,



..and after a cheeky request regarding a possible 'Paul' design I had this response;

"No probs Alex. Perhaps we can liase re: a Paul t-shirt closer to
release. There are some pretty cool angles we could come at it from though. More news, as it's leaked. In the meantime, happy New Year. You have my email. Let's stay in touch.


What a legend, I have nothing further to say!...cos I'm pretty speechless!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

JoBlo Exclusive packaging artwork

If you didn't already know, all of Dark Bunny Tees come packaged in an old skool video rental box, with each design having its own 'movie' sleeve to make it look just like a rental movie.

Over at Dark Bunny Tees is offering 50 of their readers the chance to a) Get their hands on the Shaun of the Dead t-shirt before anyone else and b)The first 50 will get this custom artwork incorporated into the packaging sleeve!

A rare item in the making! Don't miss out!

Only available via

Thursday, 10 December 2009 digs Dark Bunny Tees Dawn of the Dead t-shirt!

The guys over at have given their appreciation to the Dark Bunny Tees Dawn of the Dead: Gunners Den t-shirt! Check out their review here!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Shaun of the Dead t-shirt available exclusively through

The Dark Bunny Tees Shaun of the Dead: Fried Gold Recruitment t-shirt has gone on sale - But not through Dark Bunny Tees main site, as it won't officially go on sale until Jan 2010 (that is if there are any left)

Dark Bunny Tees has given (a fantastic movie website) a super-secret link to the Shaun of the Dead t-shirt!

All 100 prints are available to purchase and the first 50 will come with exclusive, custom packaging. This is not going to be around for long, so don't miss out!

Don't miss out - Check it out here

Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Screamstress horror website checks out Dark Bunny Tees

The Screamstress horror website checks out Dark Bunny Tees gruesome selection of t-shirts! Head over to the site to read the review and enter a competition to win some t-shirts!

Many thanks to Alison for the fantastic write up.

Giveaway: Unique Movie Inspired Shirts From Dark Bunny Tees

December 4, 2009 by Alison

Sadly, I have seen a lot of awful horror film inspired t-shirts that end up looking overdone, overcrowded and lack originality. Freelance illustrator Alex Chenery has effectively solved that problem by starting his own unique movie inspired t-shirt company, Dark Bunny Tees. Even though he just set up shop in October, Alex has had a huge response to his work and it’s easy to see why.




“I’m trying to be a little different than all the rest, using my skills as a freelance illustrator to create some ‘movie-spoof art’ rather than stick a familiar logo or simply designed parody on a shirt,” Alex explained. Mission accomplished Sir. His creative designs are reminiscent of some of the great old exploitation illustrations, combined with a nifty vintage tin sign feel. The result is unexpected, imaginative and full of win. Each design is filled with enough in-jokes to please the biggest horror fan but doesn’t look like your typical fare. Take note–Alex is a one-man band and all of his shirts are limited editions (100 designs max worldwide), which guarantees you’re getting a one of a kind work of art. He’s considering reducing his line to a 20 print run so the sooner you order the better. One more reason to order from Dark Bunny Tees is the ridiculously cool packaging–each t-shirt is shipped in its own A4 old skool video box with its own cover sleeve design. I think I just melted. What more do you people need?! Order one of these bad boys here! (Ladies, they come in girly tees if you’re worried about a proper fit) While you’re at it, show the man some love on Twitter.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Dark Bunny movie t shirts gets a nod on Arrow in the Head!

One of the most respected horror movie sites Arrow in the Head has stumbled across Dark Bunny Tees and given the a quality mention on their site! - Many thanks to Eric Walkuski and John Fallon a.k.a The Arrow for their cool words!

Must see T-Shirts!

Dec. 3, 2009

Nightmare on Elm Street

Consider this a public service announcement for some of the coolest f*cking t-shirts you may ever see. We got wind of a company called DARK BUNNY TEES and felt compelled to tell you about it, considering they bring unique spins on some of our favorite genre flicks. Want to see an advertisement for Freddy Krueger's? How about RINGU's video rental service? Those and more are available at Dark Bunny, which is run by U.K. illustrator Alex Chenery.

For High-Res looks at the shirts and ordering information, head on over to Dark Bunny Tees. In addition, if you want to see the details on the FREDDY shirt in particular, check out the video below, which gives you a much closer look at design.

See Video On You Tube

Dawn of the Dead


Mad Max

Spilled Blood: Which shirt stirkes your fancy the most?

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

NEW! Anchorman: Sex Panther t-shirt

"I love lamp"

Cannot explain how much I love this movie! Will Ferrell at his finest in my opinion. I just had to do an Anchorman homage.

Now, before you start, Sex Panther was the most obvious and not a very new thing to put on a t-shirt. However, I don't care - It had to be done!...Oh, and I have looked about and the other Sex Panther t-shirts are not a patch on this...again, in my opinion!

I have gone totally 70's with the design on this, with it's cool colours and spacey coloured circles (I think I was thinking of the trippy love scene - you know, the one with the rainbow and the unicorn?!?) I have also taken inspiration from the 'Team Jump' and then thought I'd give them a cheeky reason as to why they are all jumping for joy - Because they used the Sex Panther Cologne last night! - And as a little side-joke, I gave Brick a lamp! Still getting lucky, right?

C'mon - Musk-up with this Sex Panther t-shirt.

This movie t-shirt comes in Vintage Red.

Remember - Only 100 are being printed Worldwide

Get the Anchorman: Sex Panther t-shirt here

New! Mad Max: Furious Roads t-shirt

"I think we've got some hoon trouble... "

The fourth in the series is currently in production, minus old Mel, but the Mad Max movies are serious cult classics.

This is my homage to them, the Mad Max escort service. Depicting Max as a means of travelling the future Aussie roads without risking the likes of Toecutter or Lord Humungus.

On here you have detailed representations of Max's 'Last of the V8s' and standard Interceptor models. The centre of the design holds the badge of the Main Force Patrol, whilst the 'A' in 'Max' is represented by the iconic man himself (and his dog) Also if you look close, Max's radio contact frequency is also his MFP badge number.

A t-shirt for the real Max fans and a must for all those loving the rawness of the movies!

This movie t-shirt come in Vintage Grey with a worn out distressed look

Remember - Only 100 being printed World wide!

Pre-order the Mad Max t-shirt here