Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New! Mad Max: Furious Roads t-shirt

"I think we've got some hoon trouble... "

The fourth in the series is currently in production, minus old Mel, but the Mad Max movies are serious cult classics.

This is my homage to them, the Mad Max escort service. Depicting Max as a means of travelling the future Aussie roads without risking the likes of Toecutter or Lord Humungus.

On here you have detailed representations of Max's 'Last of the V8s' and standard Interceptor models. The centre of the design holds the badge of the Main Force Patrol, whilst the 'A' in 'Max' is represented by the iconic man himself (and his dog) Also if you look close, Max's radio contact frequency is also his MFP badge number.

A t-shirt for the real Max fans and a must for all those loving the rawness of the movies!

This movie t-shirt come in Vintage Grey with a worn out distressed look

Remember - Only 100 being printed World wide!

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