Wednesday, 2 December 2009

NEW! Anchorman: Sex Panther t-shirt

"I love lamp"

Cannot explain how much I love this movie! Will Ferrell at his finest in my opinion. I just had to do an Anchorman homage.

Now, before you start, Sex Panther was the most obvious and not a very new thing to put on a t-shirt. However, I don't care - It had to be done!...Oh, and I have looked about and the other Sex Panther t-shirts are not a patch on this...again, in my opinion!

I have gone totally 70's with the design on this, with it's cool colours and spacey coloured circles (I think I was thinking of the trippy love scene - you know, the one with the rainbow and the unicorn?!?) I have also taken inspiration from the 'Team Jump' and then thought I'd give them a cheeky reason as to why they are all jumping for joy - Because they used the Sex Panther Cologne last night! - And as a little side-joke, I gave Brick a lamp! Still getting lucky, right?

C'mon - Musk-up with this Sex Panther t-shirt.

This movie t-shirt comes in Vintage Red.

Remember - Only 100 are being printed Worldwide

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