Monday, 28 December 2009

Simon Pegg gives Dark Bunny Tees some love!

To be honest, when I sent the Dawn of the Dead t-shirt to Simon Pegg's agent, I wasn't sure what to expect. He is a hero of mine and I knew that he had a fondness for the Dawn of the Dead movie (maybe fondness is not a strong enough word)

I heard nothing for a while, but then I got the following email on Boxing Day (26th December);

"Just wanted to thank you for my t-shirt. Got a parcel from my agent
just before Christmas and wondered why someone had sent me a VHS. Of
course on further inspection, I discovered the rather ingenious
packaging concept contained a very cool surprise. Checked out the site
too. Love the Fried Gold Recruitment Farm.

Thanks again Alex,



..and after a cheeky request regarding a possible 'Paul' design I had this response;

"No probs Alex. Perhaps we can liase re: a Paul t-shirt closer to
release. There are some pretty cool angles we could come at it from though. More news, as it's leaked. In the meantime, happy New Year. You have my email. Let's stay in touch.


What a legend, I have nothing further to say!...cos I'm pretty speechless!