Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Screamstress horror website checks out Dark Bunny Tees

The Screamstress horror website checks out Dark Bunny Tees gruesome selection of t-shirts! Head over to the site to read the review and enter a competition to win some t-shirts!

Many thanks to Alison for the fantastic write up.

Giveaway: Unique Movie Inspired Shirts From Dark Bunny Tees

December 4, 2009 by Alison

Sadly, I have seen a lot of awful horror film inspired t-shirts that end up looking overdone, overcrowded and lack originality. Freelance illustrator Alex Chenery has effectively solved that problem by starting his own unique movie inspired t-shirt company, Dark Bunny Tees. Even though he just set up shop in October, Alex has had a huge response to his work and it’s easy to see why.




“I’m trying to be a little different than all the rest, using my skills as a freelance illustrator to create some ‘movie-spoof art’ rather than stick a familiar logo or simply designed parody on a shirt,” Alex explained. Mission accomplished Sir. His creative designs are reminiscent of some of the great old exploitation illustrations, combined with a nifty vintage tin sign feel. The result is unexpected, imaginative and full of win. Each design is filled with enough in-jokes to please the biggest horror fan but doesn’t look like your typical fare. Take note–Alex is a one-man band and all of his shirts are limited editions (100 designs max worldwide), which guarantees you’re getting a one of a kind work of art. He’s considering reducing his line to a 20 print run so the sooner you order the better. One more reason to order from Dark Bunny Tees is the ridiculously cool packaging–each t-shirt is shipped in its own A4 old skool video box with its own cover sleeve design. I think I just melted. What more do you people need?! Order one of these bad boys here! (Ladies, they come in girly tees if you’re worried about a proper fit) While you’re at it, show the man some love on Twitter.