Thursday, 29 August 2013

Official Eighth Doctor Tees - NOW AVAILABLE

You'd think with there just being 'The Movie' the Paul McGann incarnation of the Doctor would be an easy one. Quite the opposite in fact.....So fingers crossed you like what I've come up with!

First up I thought creating something to do with 'ITAR' and the Atomic Clock would be kind of cool. It's quite a key plot-point of the movie, so I have produced this faux 'STAFF' t-shirt, which I imagined those behind the scenes of the 'Millennium Party' might have worn. This design has the 'ITAR' logo breast patch print on the front, and a 'Millennium Event Staff' design print on the back.

Now we come to 'The Master' - This design is based essentially on the paramedic 'Bruce', with a play on the standard paramedic patch, replacing the usual snake icon, to that of the snake form 'The Master' uses to hijack Bruce's body....bright green eyes included of course.

Both tees are available now for £18 each (plus P&P)