Friday, 27 August 2010

A New Dark is here!

Dark Bunny Tees has had a bit of a make-over!

The site needed darkening up, so here is the new look, apocalyptic Dark Bunny Tees Drive In.

It signifies a more mature bunny (if you can call cramming an alien invasion, zombie outbreak, meteor storm and creepy crows into the home page 'mature') The last couple of months have been a huge wake-up call for me. If you read my blog or follow my antics elsewhere, you will be aware that I have recently experienced some delays at print. This was a very frustrating period in the life of Dark Bunny and there are still a few outstanding orders, so I apologise if you are still waiting for your shirts) However I have learned from this and am now doing my best to smooth out operations and ensure that these delays never happen again. This is what kind of spawned the tagline;

"...When it all hits the fan, you may as well look your best..."

As you may know, I work alone and from my front room, so printing will still be out of my control, but I hope to maintain stock levels as best I can and keep a rolling stock order at print.

So here it is - The New Dark