Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Avatar tee - Now available!

"A Marine in an Avatar body? Gives me the goosebumps!"

There is no denying that Avatar is a visual experience like no other! The concept of 3D is well and truly back and with it comes the badass James Cameron style marine, in the form of 'Death by the book' Colonel Quaritch.

As head of security for the RDA Corportation, this t-shirt advertises his services. It wouldn't be complete without a couple of awesome AMPs in there as well as a 'Quaritch' logo with those first-day-in-Pandora battle scars.

This movie t-shirt is fully screen-printed (no transfers here!) and comes in Super-Soft, Vintage Washed Denim

Remember - Only 100 of these will ever be printed Worldwide! Get it here while you can!