Friday, 23 April 2010

NEW! Star Wars: Jabba's Palace t-shirt & hoodie

"That is scarcely what I would call a palace, Artoo. It looks more like an iron foundry"

Jabba's Palace - The one bar in the galaxy you really don't want to find yourself in during a pub crawl. Unless of course you are complete scum, a bounty hunter or a kick-ass Jedi.

This is my homage to one of my favourite scenes from Return of the Jedi, advertising this dive of a bar as you'd find on a flyer or on a t-shirt you'd buy from the palace itself.

Of course you have the pin-up style 'Slave Girls' wearing the infamous gold bikini. The Rancor also features along with a couple of familiar icons such as the palace itself and the 'jester' Salacious B. Crumb. You also have reference to The Max Rebo Band! All set on a design inspired by the twin moons of Tatooine.

This IS the t-shirt you are looking for!

This movie t-shirt comes in Super-Soft, Vintage Washed Black

Remember - Only 100 of these will ever be printed Worldwide! Get it while you can! - HERE!