Friday, 7 May 2010

Exclusive Ladies Iron Man t-shirts - NEW IN!

If you have not seen Iron Man 2 yet, do so - It's great! I came out immediately inspired to do these exclusive ladies only t-shirts (Don't worry men - your design is coming very soon!)

Based on a dance troupe called the Ironettes, seen in the movie opening the 2010 Stark Expo, I decided that was the perfect way to go for a t-shirt. I also wanted to do a retro tee, inspired by references to Stark's father and the 1974 Stark Expo. Would they have had a dance troupe back then? Well, if not then I have made one up!

2010 Stark Expo: The Ironettes

£19.00 with FREE UK Delivery - Click here for more

1974 Stark Expo: The Starkettes

£19.00 with FREE UK Delivery - Click here for more