Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hot Fuzz homage - Available NOW for pre-order

Sandford SuperCop Training Facility

I have been wanting to do a Hot Fuzz t-shirt design for ages! The closest I came to it was almost a year ago when I created the 'Hot Fuzz' animated artwork (seen below) for fun.

Now, after almost a year I have finally sat down and designed the 'Sandford SuperCop Training Facility' tee. A simple one colour design with Pegg & Frost looking hard as nails and a couple of references to the movies weaponry, including Danny's Winchester 1300 Defender, Angel's Mossberg 500 Shotgun and the sea-mine!

This tee won't be available until February, but you can pre-order via the links below:

Mens - From £18

Ladies - From £18