Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sabotage Times article: How Pop Culture T-Shirts Went Global

Many thanks to Dave Lee over at Sabotage Times for his fantastic mention of Dark Bunny Tees in his 'Pop Culture' t-shirts article.

"...Dark Bunny takes films as a starting point but rather than featuring fictional logos their intricate, often distressed-looking designs extend the concept further. Designs take the form of fake ads, flyers and business cards for fictional film businesses. You get wonderfully intricate in-jokey flyers for Marty McFly’s band from Back to the Future, Patrick (American Psycho) Bateman’s business card and adverts for True Grit’s Cogburn’s Whisky, all ingeniously packaged in VHS cassette boxes. Everything is the creation of one-man-band whizz kid Alex Chenery and his newly-founded living room enterprise was rewarded in 2010 when Twitter plugs from super-fan Simon Pegg caused his profile to rocket."

Really pleased with that!

Please check out the entire article and Sabotage Times here