Friday, 4 November 2011

Grab an out of this world BARGAIN while you can!

Colour mis-print leads to rare print at a reduced price!

It's rare, but mistakes can be made at print and when I took delivery of the initial batch of Last Starfighter tees, I discovered that the blue part of the Star League Emblem was purple rather than blue. This was down simply to a bit of Pantone code confusion!

The print itself is spot on and the purple colour goes really well with the black tee it's printed on, but I know as well as anyone that super fans of the Last Starfighter will want the design as I initially intended it.

But, for those that are not that fussed and want a fantastic tee this is a bargain at £13. Don't forget that this is also a very limited edition print, with only 100 world wide!

Sizes are limited and this is expected to sell out pretty fast, so drop what you're doing and head over to the website! - NOW!

P.S. If you pre-ordered the original colour design with the FREE POSTER OFFER, do not worry as I do have a correctly coloured batch on the way.