Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Movie characters, drawn like a child....

Some people may know that my initial idea for a t-shirt range was called 'Me & My Friends' The idea being; What if I drew my favourite movie characters through the mind of a 30 year old but in the seeminly innocent, style of a child. You know, the kind of picture your parents would proudly stick on the fridge. Seemed like a cool idea at the time.

This was back in 2009 and a few months before my designs got a bit more grown up and Dark Bunny Tees was officially born. However the Star Wars 'Me & My Friends' design actually got printed as part of the Dark Bunny Range. It proved incredibly popular and is still asked for today, nearly 3 years on.

That is not to say that I never got around to drawing any other 'Me & My Friends' ideas and I have actually discovered them in a lost folder on my computer. So here they all are in one image for you to enjoy!

(click HERE for a larger version)