Thursday, 6 December 2012

Yippee Ki-Yay! A Die Hard Christmas Jumper....

Looking for the ultimate Christmas jumper this year? Look no further than the Dark Bunny Tees Die Hard inspired festive sweatshirt, with Christmas knit effect screen-print!

Not only have you got the infamous phrase 'Now I Have A Machine Gun. Ho-Ho-Ho', there's a variety of Die Hard inspired shapes included in the front pattern, from the Nakatomi Plaza logo, terrorist radios, Argyle in his limo and a lone LAPD squad car, but there is also and ultra cool back print - A knit effect version of John McClane's gun, taped in place with 'season's greetings' packing tape.

Available in GREEN and RED for just £25 (plus P&P) this festive sweater will make the ultimate Christmas gift for a fellow film fan, or simply the perfect attire for the day itself.

Only available this Christmas and already proving a massive hit, don't miss out on this very special Dark Bunny Tees creation!