Thursday, 20 February 2014


First THREE Officially Licensed Sherlock tees NOW AVAILABLE!

NEW! The Empty Hearse Conspiracy Discussion Group
Inspired by Anderson and the title of the opening episode of series three, you can now be a part of the official consipracy theory discussion group that begs the question; 'How did he fake it??'

Available to pre-order (£18) HERE
(Estimated despatch early March)

Sherlock: Consulting Detective
Part of a unique character range, we kick off with the man himself - Sherlock.

Available to order (£18) HERE

Moriarty: Consulting Criminal
You can't release a Sherlock tee without his polar opposite - Moriarty.

Available to order (£18) HERE

TWO Road House tees NOW AVAILABLE!

As a homage to the 1989 classic, there are TWO Road House designs currently available. You have your standard Double Deuce logo tee, based on the infamous bar featured in the movie. Next up you have a uniquely designed logo for Dalton's Professional Cooler Services

Both tees are available on their own for £18.00 each, but you can save £1 on each tee using the fantastic DOUBLE PACK offer HERE