Thursday, 12 November 2009

More great reviews for Dark Bunny Tees

The guys over at have reviewed the Dark Bunny Tees Dawn of the Dead and Boogie Nights movie t-shirts! Check it out!

Two New Tees At Dark Bunny

November 12, 2009

Dark Bunny have just produced a couple of new tees for their spoof movie collection of shirts. As always incredibly well illustrated this time Dark Bunny’s evil gaze has focused on perhaps one of my all-time favourite classic horror films, the original 1978 version of Dawn Of The Dead by the zombie killing hero of a director George A. Romero and Boogie Nights, which admittedly he has sidetracked the main story and it’s infamous giant appendage belonging to the ‘adult entertainment’ star Dirk Diggler and instead safely drawn your attention to John C. Reilly’s role as Reed Rothchild and his role in this sexy romp.

Let’s take a look at the tees…

Dawn Of The Dead (Gunner’s Den) Tee

Dawn Of The Dead (Gunner's Den) Tee at Dark Bunny

Featuring ‘Gunner’s Den’ - the sports and leisure store at the Monroeville Mall - a mall I would say surely takes the lead role in the classic Dawn of the Dead movie. Lovely dig at middle America, gun-toting family sporting their firearms in the name of freedom. Who can blame them, they want to keep their brains, that’s understandable. Get this tee for £25 in sizes S to XXL (free shipping in the UK) here.

Boogie Nights Tee

Boogie Nights Tee by Dark Bunny Tees

Don’t expect anything explicit here, Dark Bunny has tread the waters carefully to produce a tee spoofing the classic 1997 movie Boogie Nights. As mentioned it features the character Reed Rothchild and his quite simply awful magic show, still a great design all the same. Get yours for for £25 in sizes S to XXL (free shipping in the UK) here.