Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Last ditch attempts for Votes - Please Vote Dark Bunny Tees

This competition has gone on far longer than I expected, round to has been extended for another day because some lazy companies couldn't be bothered to 'work' on a Sunday!

There has also been some real unfair tactics going on in regards to some of the other entrants as many of the US companies seem to know each other and have pledged to rally votes for each other as they get knocked out.

And there is me thinking it was all about fan votes!! - Well it is for me!

So this is a last ditch attempt to get a few more final votes in this round.

PLEASE VOTE for DARK BUNNY TESS and my little UK buddy (who is feeling as victimised as I am) YOUREHISTORY

VOTE HERE! - It only takes a second!