Tuesday, 9 March 2010

NEW IN! The Warriors Triple Gang Tee Boxset - With Exclusive Gang Vest Packaging

"War-riors....Come out to play-yay!"

How's this for a fantastic box set? - 3 Warrior gang t-shirts, the Baseball Furies, the Warriors and the Rogues each packed in their own exclusive Gang Vest VHS case.

Baseball Furies: Little League Coaching - (Available separately HERE)

Three of the infamous gang adorn this spoof ad, with their ulra cool & menacing coloured make-up for everyone to see. Centre piece is a skull and cross-bones style design using a thwacked baseball and two bats. Of course you have the Furies simple, but easily recognisable logo front and centre. -
7 Colour Screen Print on Vintage Black

Warriors: Subway Gang Tours - (Exclusive to this box set)

The main focus of the movie. This Warriors design has a simple, but accurate subway map as the centre piece. The movie used real locations and this design shows the route the Warriors need to take to get from Van Cortlandt Park to their home turf, Coney Island. Along the way you have all of the gang names and turf areas listed. The Warriors logo sits neatly in the bottom corner. - 8 Colour Screen Print on Vintage Brown

The Rogues: Dark Beer - (Exclusive to this box set)

One of the most chilling scenes in the film depicts Rogue leader Luther taunting the Warriors with his clinking of beer bottles and infamous 'Warriors.....come out to play-yay..." These are the main focus of this t-shirt design. Why not give the Rogues their own brew? The Rogues logo features prominently on this design, simply because it is a great, great emblem! - 4 Colour Screen Print on Vintage Black

Exclusive Gang Vest Packaging

If you were not aware, all of Dark Bunny Tees t-shirts come packaged in an old-skool VHS case. Each design has it's own tailored rental style sleeve. This allows me to create some super cool special editions and the Warriors box set is a perfect opportunity. Each of the three t-shirts will come packaged in their relevant Gang Vest sleeve. Clean & simple. On the back of the case you have the back of the vest with each gangs awesome emblem.

Each sleeve was designed, sketched and digitally inked and coloured by myself.

The Warriors and Rogue t-shirts will not be available separately for the foreseeable future. If at all.

So if you are a Warriors fan, how can you miss out on this amazing triple tee box set? GET IT HERE NOW!