Tuesday, 2 November 2010

American Psycho homage design - FREE gift with every t-shirt

The prints are in and the official promotional launch is on the way, but to whet your bloody thirsty appetite for this much anticipated design, here is a little picture of the FREE business card you'll get when you purchase a 'Bateman's Bespoke Business Cards' t-shirt.

This double sided printed card is a replica of the card proudly displayed by Bateman in the movie. Ok, so I have added some blood smears on the front and the back, but hey - Bateman is a murdering psycho!

So if you fancy getting your hands on one of these shirts, they are currently available as a pre-order, but as I say, the prints are now in and I will be sending these out ASAP!

BUY Bateman's Bespoke Business Cards - From £18 with FREE UK Postage