Friday, 5 November 2010

Topless Robot feature Gunner's Den tee!

This is a page I have been trying to get on for ages!..........

Geek Apparel of the Week: Dragon Charmer and Gunner's Den

• And whether you consider this a favor to TR's European readers or a punishment to American ones, the UK's Dark Bunny Tees has this fantastic Dawn of the Dead-inspired shirt, advertising the gun store from the Monroeville mall, as seen in the movie. My favorite part is that the family has been mildly munched on by zombies, but very subtly so -- it's easy to miss. It's 18 pounds, not counting shipping. If you want it, hurry --only 100 were made.

Many thanks to the guys at Topless Robot for the nod and to my bro-in-law Si for his love of all things Topless & Robotic.........(that didn't mean to sound as wrong as it does)