Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dark Bunny Welcomes Matt Cuttle to the warren...

I am very pleased to welcome a good buddy of mine, Mr Matt Cuttle to Dark Bunny Tees!

Matt has just become a partner (or Dragon) to the business and his arrival will allow Dark Bunny Tees to expand and explore some exciting new avenues. Basically do all of the stuff I have wanted to do with the business for ages, which as a one man operation hasn't been possible up until now.

Matt comes from an extensive media background, presenting & producing television series, podcasts, websites and online videos. His particular area of expertise is within the gaming industry. Although in completely different sectors, mine being in publishing, this is also a field that I was once a part of and know and love particularly well. I also believe it fits extremely well with that of the movie industry.

From humble beginnings co-presenting G@MERS, with Jake Humphrey, Matt now specialises in providing entertaining programming to a variety of terrestrial and satellite channels. He has produced and directed shows for Sky One, Jetix, Disney XD, [.tv], BAFTA, E4 and Channel 4. Matt also produces content for corporate clients and events companies.

He is also responsible for producing Gamesweasel, a fantastic website dedicated to the gaming industry and one any die-hard gamer should check out. Matt is also co-hosting EA's New Official Online series PWNED with Sian Welby, who has also become a huge supporter of Dark Bunny Tees. This is a great series that includes game reviews, interviews with developers & celebrities and the latest gaming news from within the EA camp.

On the set of PWNED with Sian Welby

On his partnership with Dark Bunny Tees, Matt says;

"I'm thrilled to be a part of DBT. I love movies and Alex's unique art style and there are exciting times to come."

I for one am hyped to have Matt on board. He brings with him the skills and abilities to do what I have always wanted, and that is to take the movie t-shirt to new heights. He is right, there are some exciting times ahead. The first of which I hope to reveal later on this week.

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If you enjoy my inane comments on Twitter (@darkbunnytees) you can't go far wrong in following Matt & Sian: @mattcuttle & @sianwelby.